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    Isuzu 26 person camper car

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  • Isuzu 26 person camper car
  • Isuzu 26 person camper car
  • Isuzu 26 person camper car
  • Isuzu 26 person camper car
  • Isuzu 26 person camper car

Isuzu Number and configuration

Main technical parameters and configuration

product name

Isuzu Camper

Dimensions (mm)

25003950 11750 2500 3950

Total weight (Kg)


Rated load (Kg)


Curb weight (Kg)


Number of guests


) Number of guests ( person )


Cab number of passengers


离去角() Approach / departure angle ()


后悬(mm) Front / rear suspension (mm)


Axle load (Kg)

二轴组) 7000/18000 ( two-axis group )

Maximum speed (Km / h)


Main configuration

Isuzu chassis, car body (steel frame, inner and outer skin) expansion camping warehouse, camping facility, bunk bunk, air conditioning system, film and television system, electrical system, security system. Water purification tank, sewage tank, heater, two air conditioners plus auxiliary equipment, etc. 人的住宿、阅读、写作。 Can accommodate 26 people for accommodation, reading and writing. It has a comfortable sleeping environment and safe sanitary facilities. 可根据客户需求定制加装) Vehicle mobility, high reliability, good environmental adaptability, high cost performance ( can be customized according to customer needs )

Chassis technical parameters  

Chassis model


Chassis name

Truck chassis

Brand name



Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd.

Number of axes


Number of tires


Wheelbase (mm)

5700 + 1300

Tire specifications


Leaf spring


Front track (mm)


Fuel type


Rear track (mm)


Emission Standard

Ⅴ,GB3847-2005 GB17691-2005 Country Ⅴ, GB3847-2005

engine model

Engine manufacturer

Displacement (ml)

Power (Kw)



重庆)发动机有限公司 Qingling Isuzu ( Chongqing ) Engine Co., Ltd.






Product multi-directional display




After-sales service commitment

In the case of the user strictly following the instruction manual and normal operation, within one year from the date of purchase of the car (subject to the vehicle's factory registration card), all quality problems such as damage to product parts due to design, manufacturing, and assembly reasons should be promptly reported to Our company's after-sales service department and sales staff responded that after the confirmation of the after-sales service department, the Three Guarantees service was implemented. The specific services are as follows:
1. The quality of the product during the warranty period is mainly repaired, and the repair fee is free (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts).
2. Lifetime warranty. For products that exceed the warranty period, only related costs will be charged for replacement parts.
3. Professional maintenance of chassis (driving part): normal maintenance and maintenance can be performed at the technical service station designated by the local "Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Foton, and other service stations" supplier. For detailed address, please refer to the “Warranty Manual” provided with the vehicle.
4. Dedicated device: The warranty period is one year. After receiving the user's request, the after-sales service department of the company will assign professional maintenance personnel to visit the service.
5. Service time: About one thousand kilometers, the maintenance staff will reach the designated place within 24 hours, and the time needs to be adjusted according to the distance.

Our company will wholeheartedly provide you with the most reasonable plan and quality service. Consultation Tel: 13872886021

※ For detailed information and pictures, please contact our company directly. The above product introduction is for reference only. Please confirm the contract content

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★ After sales service  

In order to make you always satisfied from purchasing, owning and using the products, the company will provide you with a full range of services.

◆ Training service-free expert training for all customers who purchase our products, training does not charge any fees.

◆ Warranty commitment-the quality of the fire truck chassis to the nearest national service station. The fire protection part of the jacket is guaranteed by our company for one year.

◆ Customer return visits--Revisit customers regularly to learn about the customer's car dynamics.


Perfect after-sales service system

The company has a complete after-sales service team. We arrange commissioning follow-up services for each vehicle to resolve various problems encountered by customers in the first time.

Full range of accessories

The vehicle has all kinds of accessories and is guaranteed to be delivered to customers the first time.


★ Ordering Process

通过电话联系发车型资料参数或实地考察洽谈车辆型号、价格和相关要求。 ①: Negotiating a car purchase: Contacting by phone to send vehicle model parameters or conducting field visits to discuss vehicle models, prices, and related requirements.

双方签订车辆购销合同并预付合同定金(传真签订合同、实地签订合同均可)。 ②: Signing the contract: The two parties sign the vehicle purchase and sales contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (sign the contract by fax or sign the contract on the spot).

我公司根据合同要求,安排车间生产。 ③: Arrange production: Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.

车辆交付验收,支付车辆余款,完成相关手续。 ④: Vehicle delivery : Vehicle delivery inspection, payment of vehicle balance, and completion of relevant procedures. 交付方式客户可自提车辆,也可协商由我公司安排送车并协定相关费用.更多详细订车流程请来电咨询!) ( Delivery methods: Customers can pick up the vehicles themselves, or negotiate with our company to arrange delivery and negotiate the related costs. For more detailed booking procedures, please contact us!


After-sales service description of Isuzu 26-person camper
1. Service commitment: After the product is sold for one year or 25,000 kilometers, it will be repaired free of charge. For more than one year, only the accessories fee will be charged. We promise that the company will be responsible for the products; the service will satisfy customers. See details >>
2. Purchase process: 1. Consultation and consultation (phone negotiation or visit to the factory for negotiation) 2. Signing of automobile purchase and sales contracts (fax, post or visit to the factory)
3. Our factory produces on time and according to quality 4. Delivery and acceptance >> click for details
联系电话: 13872886021 ★ Welcome to inquire for more Isuzu 26-person camping car Tel: 13872886021
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