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    Cheng Liwei dry powder water combined forest fire truck

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  • Cheng Liwei dry powder water combined forest fire truck
  • Cheng Liwei dry powder water combined forest fire truck
  • Cheng Liwei dry powder water combined forest fire truck
  • Cheng Liwei dry powder water combined forest fire truck
  • Cheng Liwei dry powder water combined forest fire truck

联用森林消防主要技术性能参数 Main technical performance parameters of Cheng Liwei brand dry powder water combined forest fire

Model Overview

CL2130MDJ 基础上改装而成,整车结构紧凑;专用部分由液罐、泵室、器材箱、动力输出及传动系统、管路系统、电气系统 . 干粉系统等组成,广泛适用于城镇公安消防队、石油化工、厂矿企业、森林、港口、码头等部门,可迅速接近火场展开灭火战斗,扑救各种火灾,是理想的消防装备。 Chengliwei brand dry powder water combined forest fire truck is modified by our factory based on Chengli chassis CL2130MDJ . The vehicle is compact in structure; the special parts are composed of liquid tank, pump room, equipment box, power output and transmission system, piping system, The electrical system and dry powder system are widely used in urban public security fire brigades, petrochemicals, factories and mines, forestry, ports, docks and other departments. They can quickly approach the fire field to extinguish fires and extinguish various fires. It is an ideal fire fighting equipment.

Vehicle model

型干粉水联用消防车 5120GXFGL35 dry powder water combined fire truck

Chassis model


Quality parameter


(kg) Total weight (kg)


(mm) Dimensions (mm)

2300 3130(mm) 7350 2300 3130 (mm)

(kg) Rated loading mass (kg)


(mm) Tank volume (mm)


(kg) Complete vehicle weight (kg)


axis    (mm) Distance (mm)

3370 + 1070


Participate   number


  B190 IS B190   50

row    put


/ 排量( kw/ml Power / displacement ( kw / ml )



Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

Performance parameter

(km/h) Maximum speed (km / h)


(mm) Tread (mm)

before   bridge



3 + 2

Rear   bridge


Leaf spring


(mm) Overhang (mm)

before   Hang


Number of tires


Rear   Hang


Tire specifications


( ) Driving angle ( )

Approach angle


Number of axes


Departure corner


Dry powder system

:3.35 立方米 , 主要专用装置有消防泵、消防炮、干粉系统。 Dry powder tank volume : 3.35 cubic meters , the main special devices are fire pumps, fire monitors, and dry powder systems.

Performance description

Q235A ),板材厚度 4 mm ,选装不锈钢罐体,经久耐用;器材厢门采用铝合金帘子门,滚筒、滑槽导向,启闭轻便、噪音小;器材厢两侧及后部翻板式踏板,采用气弹簧、门止限位装置双重固定,安全性能可靠;除原车设备外,驾驶室内加装有取力器控制指示灯、 100W 警报器、 LED 警灯、标志灯、示廓灯开关及后部照明灯等;随车器材见附表。 The cab is a welded structure with a steel frame and a single row cab. The material is made of high-quality carbon steel ( Q235A ), the thickness of the plate is 4 mm , and the stainless steel tank is optional, which is durable. Orientation, light opening and closing, low noise; flip-type pedals on both sides and rear of the equipment compartment, double fixed with gas springs and door stop limit devices, reliable safety performance; in addition to the original car equipment, a power take-off is installed in the cab Control indicator lights, 100W siren, LED warning lights, marker lights, position light switches and rear lights; see the attached table for the equipment on board.

Product real map




After-sales service commitment




In the case of the user strictly following the instruction manual and normal operation, within one year from the date of purchase of the vehicle (subject to the vehicle's factory registration card), all quality problems such as damage to product parts due to design, manufacturing, and assembly reasons should be reported to Our company's after-sales service department and sales staff responded that after the confirmation of the after-sales service department, the Three Guarantees service was implemented. The specific services are as follows:
、三包服务期内的产品质量以包修为主,修理费全免 ( 不包括易损件和电器部分 ) 1. The quality of the product during the warranty period is mainly repaired, and the repair fee is free ( excluding wearing parts and electrical parts ) .
、终身保修。 2. Lifetime warranty. For products that exceed the warranty period, only related costs will be charged for replacement parts.
、底盘(行驶部分)专业维修:可在当地 东风、解放、福田、等服务站 供应企业指定的技术服务站正常走保、维护。 3. Professional maintenance of the chassis (driving part): normal maintenance and maintenance can be performed at the technical service station designated by the local " Dongfeng, Jiefang, Futian, etc. service station " supplier. For detailed address, please refer to the “Warranty Manual” provided with the vehicle.
、专用装置部分:三包售后服务期为一年,我公司售后服务部在接受用户请求后,将指派专业维修人员上门服务。 4. Dedicated device part: Three Guarantees After-sales service period is one year. After receiving the user's request, the after-sales service department of our company will assign professional maintenance personnel to visit the service.
、服务时间:一千公里左右,维修人员二十四小时内到达指定地点,需根据路程适当调整时间 5. Service time: about one thousand kilometers, the maintenance staff will reach the designated place within 24 hours, and the time needs to be adjusted according to the distance.

Our company will wholeheartedly provide you with the most reasonable plan and quality service
138 7288 6021 肖部长 Manufacturer consultation phone: 138 7288 6021 Minister Xiao

※ For detailed information and pictures, please contact our company directly. The above product introduction is for reference only . Please order the car according to the contract content .

小时销售热线: 13872886021 (办公) 。 For more detailed product information, please call the 24- hour sales hotline: 13872886021 (office) . Our senior sales staff will recommend economical models for you, and have professional and technical personnel to answer all your questions about special vehicles.

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For more fire trucks, fire sprinklers, and logistical support vehicles, please call us. Advisory hotline: 13878886021  

★ Production process and details display


Dedicated chassis

Together, Qiangqiang cooperated with domestic well-known brand chassis manufacturers, and designed according to customer requirements, so that our customers can truly appreciate the super-operational functions of fire trucks.


It is made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 4mm. It is tested by special instruments and is durable after high-tech anti-corrosion treatment.


Fire Pump

The fire pump needs to be pressurized when the fire truck is working to meet the requirements of water pressure and water volume during fire fighting. We use domestic well-known brand fire pumps with CCC certification.

Fire cannon

The fire cannon is sprayed with water. It is fixed on the roof of the fire truck for long-range firefighting. It can rotate 360 degrees. It can spray columnar and mist. It is easy to operate.


Equipment box

Reasonable layout, easy access to equipment, special fixtures to fix fire equipment. The outer frame of the equipment box is made of high-quality sheet material, and the interior decoration is made of patterned aluminum plate, which is beautiful and durable.

★ After sales service  

In order to make you always satisfied from purchasing, owning and using the products, the company will provide you with a full range of services.

◆ Training service-free expert training for all customers who purchase our products, training does not charge any fees.

◆ Warranty commitment-the quality of the fire truck chassis to the nearest national service station. The fire protection part of the jacket is guaranteed by our company for one year.

◆ Customer return visits--Revisit customers regularly to learn about the customer's car dynamics.


Perfect after-sales service system

The company has a complete after-sales service team. We arrange commissioning follow-up services for each vehicle to resolve various problems encountered by customers in the first time.

Full range of accessories

The vehicle has all kinds of accessories and is guaranteed to be delivered to customers the first time.


★ Ordering Process

通过电话联系发车型资料参数或实地考察洽谈车辆型号、价格和相关要求。 ①: Negotiating a car purchase: Contacting by phone to send vehicle model parameters or conducting field visits to discuss vehicle models, prices, and related requirements.

双方签订车辆购销合同并预付合同定金(传真签订合同、实地签订合同均可)。 ②: Signing the contract: The two parties sign the vehicle purchase and sales contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (sign the contract by fax or sign the contract on the spot).

我公司根据合同要求,安排车间生产。 ③: Arrange production: Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.

车辆交付验收,支付车辆余款,完成相关手续。 ④: Vehicle delivery : Vehicle delivery inspection, payment of vehicle balance, and completion of relevant procedures. 交付方式客户可自提车辆,也可协商由我公司安排送车并协定相关费用.更多详细订车流程请来电咨询!) ( Delivery methods: Customers can pick up the vehicles themselves, or negotiate with our company to arrange delivery and negotiate the related costs. For more detailed booking procedures, please contact us!


Cheng Liwei brand dry powder water combined forest fire truck service instructions
1. Service commitment: After the product is sold for one year or 25,000 kilometers, it will be repaired free of charge. For more than one year, only the accessories fee will be charged. We promise that the company will be responsible for the products; the service will satisfy customers. See details >>
2. Purchase process: 1. Consultation and consultation (phone negotiation or visit to the factory for negotiation) 2. Signing of automobile purchase and sales contracts (fax, post or visit to the factory)
3. Our factory produces on time and according to quality 4. Delivery and acceptance >> click for details
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